Bosch UniversalAquatak 135

£109.00 £184.99 Buy Now
£109.00 £184.99 Buy Now

Are you looking to buy Bosch UniversalAquatak 135? This pressure washer is one of the best sellers of the famous German toolmaker.

It is a machine with a silent electric motor and technical data considered for a pressure washer for domestic use: 135 bars of maximum pressure and 410 litres / h of flow.
It incorporates innovations such as the Trio nozzle (3 types in 1 only), a pump made of steel, and the possibility of self-aspiration of water from external sources (it does not need a tap).

It is suitable for moderate cleaning and moderate soil levels on patio and garden pavements, tools, garden furniture, fences, bikes, motorcycles and compact cars.
A robust and powerful pressure washer but with compact dimensions. In this review, we will tell you everything about this pressure cleaning machine, with comparisons, opinions, and you will discover how to get it at the best price on the net.

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The Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 pressure washer is effective, in moderate uses and with moderate-light levels of dirt, to clean:

  • Garden or agricultural tools
  • Trash bins
  • Terrace furniture
  • Medium-small surface soils
  • Medium-small area garden paths
  • Curbs
  • Fences
  • Garage doors
  • Bikes
  • Motorcycles
  • Cars (small and compact)

Why buy Bosch universalAquatak 135?

The Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 pressure washer is a model designed for use outdoors in a home and, due to its benefits at a reasonable price and a brand of recognized prestige, it is one of the brand’s star models. If you are interested in this machine, we will tell you its main features:

  • Brand QualityRobert Bosch GmbH  (or BOSCH as a trademark) is one of the largest industrial groups in the world with more than a century of engineering experience. This brand represents quality and excellence for many years.
  • German technology: Bosch is one of the most important engineering groups in the world, with more than proven quality and innovation.
  • Quiet motor: the motorized pump is designed to reduce vibrations and, therefore, noise.
  • Metal pump: Unlike other competitive pressure washers, the pump on this Bosch is made entirely of metal. This translates into a more resistant machine to long work without overheating or interruptions and longer service life.
  • Power and cleaning performance: 135 maximum bar pressure ensures optimum cleaning performance, with considerable time savings.
  • Trio nozzle: this innovative nozzle, which integrates 3 nozzles at the same time and can be selected by simply turning (no need to waste time removing and replacing another one). It allows 3 types of jet: flat, rotary and straight, for versatile cleaning suitable for each type of surface.
  • Rotary nozzle cleaning: (integrated into the Trio nozzle) allows a projected spiral jet that allows the most difficult dirt, such as mold, to be removed from a floor.
  • Washing with detergent: it incorporates a nozzle for washing with soap that integrates a 450 ml tank, easy to fill and apply.
  • 6-meter high-pressure hose: with a comfortable length for any cleaning job and avoiding stopping to relocate the machine.
  • Telescopic handle and transport wheels: retractable to comfortably carry the machine to any corner of the patio, terrace or garden.
  • A quick connection system allows maximum comfort, dispensing complicated connections between the hose, gun, and machine.
  • Self-suction of water: to increase mobility, it can work without the need for a conventional water intake by sucking water from other sources, such as a rainwater tank.
  • Water filter: integrated into the machine and easy to replace, trap impurities in the water, and prevent the pump.
  • Storage of accessories always at hand and taking up little space: both the gun and the electric cable, lance, nozzle with detergent tank and high-pressure hose, can be stored perfectly in the pressure washer.
  • Technical service and spare parts: to repair a Bosch pressure washer or find original spare parts, you will not have any problem because the brand’s network of workshops is very extensive in our country. In addition, its excellent customer service can guide you through the steps to follow or indicate the technical service centre closest to your home.

Technical details

  • Motor: electric
  • Power: 1,900 W
  • Pump: metallic
  • Maximum pressure: 135 bar
  • Maximum flow: 410 l / h
  • Transport handles: 1 upper (extendable)
  • Detergent wash: Yes
  • Rotary nozzle (turbo): Yes
  • Adjustable water pressure: Yes
  • Water filter: Yes
  • Quick connection system: Yes
  • Automatic stop: Yes
  • Drum-Hose Reel: No
  • Weight: 7.9 kg
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