Gas Boilers | Combi Boilers

If you are researching gas boilers, you will have noticed that many models are available in a variety of configurations. What does it mean that they are combi boilers?

A combi gas boiler is a boiler that can provide both heating and hot water for home use. This type of boiler has two water circuits: a heating circuit, which will go to the radiators or floor heating and a circuit, to receive hot water from taps, sinks and showers.

The water can be heated using natural gas combustion, which is delivered through main gas supply. Other fuels include diesel and biomass, which are not as convenient to use as gas or electric power.

They must be purchased on a regular basis, and they tend to require more storage space than electric models.

The electric boilers are easy to install and are good for using less hot water. Their drawback is that they are not as efficient as condensing gas boilers, and their price of electricity is usually more expensive.

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