Karcher K4 full control

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£239.00 £289.99 Buy Now

Are you looking to buy Karcher K4 full control? A pressure washer with an 1800 W motor and produces a maximum flow of 420 litres at 130 bars of pressure. It is made of polypropylene, PVC and yellow/gold stainless steel.

This Karcher pressure washer is recommended for domestic use. It is ideal for cleaning cars, garden furniture and surfaces smaller than 20m². In addition, it has a thermal breaker and wheels that facilitate the transport of the tool.

Thanks to its water-cooled motor, it offers superior performance (it is 10% more efficient in electricity consumption), it is quieter and more durable. It has a pressure indicator on the gun (to achieve the most suitable pressure for each surface), high-quality aluminium telescopic handle, which adapts to different heights, and a fully foldable handle to save storage space
It has a Bluetooth connection, through which you can easily connect the Smart Control pressure washer with your mobile phone through the Home & Garden app. Access practical tips and tricks on cleaning situations and objects and how to adjust the optimal pressure level depending on the object to be cleaned so that you can control like an expert from day one.

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Karcher K4 Full Control details

This Karcher is within the mid-range, so that it will serve you for many of the standard exterior cleaning tasks, but it will not be useful for others a little more demanding.

Kaercher K4 Full Control is a family of Karcher pressure washers made up of 4 models:

  • K4 Full Control
  • K4 Full Control Home
  • K4 Premium Full Control
  • K4 Premium Full Control Home

The most basic model is the K4 Full Control, which I analyzed in this article, although the machine itself is the same in all 4 models. What varies mainly from one to the other are the accessories.

In any case, although I have focused on the analysis of this specific version, I have also included a comparison of the 4 models so that you are clear about which one best suits your needs.

Technical characteristics

  • 1800 W
  • 130 bar
  • 420 l / h
  • Plastic pump
  • Water-cooled motor
  • Hose length: 6-8 meters
  • 2 sturdy plastic wheels
  • Telescopic aluminium handle, height-adjustable and fully retractable

Fields of application

  • Garden furniture, equipment and tools
  • Fences and garden paths
  • bikes
  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • Soils up to 20-25 m 2 approx.

The machine of all the models that make up the K4 FC family is the same, so they all offer the same benefits: 1800 W of power, 130 bars of pressure and 420 l / h of water flow.

They all also include the adjustable jet nozzle, rotating jet nozzle, Plug ‘n’ Clean system, 6-meter hose and wheels. The difference between them is in the hose reel and the T-Racer 350 brush.

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