Mini Ovens

A mini oven is a smaller version of the traditional range. In addition, the functionality of these two models of ovens is practically the same. It should be noted that a mini oven has a cavity of between 10 and 60 litres. Of course, there are models of mini ovens with a capacity greater than this maximum. Due to its size, mini oven is suitable for small spaces.

At a minimum, a mini oven offers two levels of cooking. However, the much more advanced models on the market can offer up to 10 levels. Furthermore, this type of appliance is available in two versions, namely, the natural convection version and the rotary heat oven. The mini oven does not have the same cooking levels as a conventional oven with its smaller size. To solve this problem, accessories are often sold with a mini-oven to improve its performance, such as the spittoon, pizza tray, and drip tray. The role of the drip tray is to recover the juice from the meat. Read more

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